We offer a multitude of different tests

Vårdkuriren offers PCR, antigen or antibody tests for Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Tests for current infection

The PCR or antigen test will show if you are currently infected (you will receive the PCR result that same evening/night and the antigen test within 10 minutes, however the PCR test is considered more reliable). In conjunction with these tests, we can also issue a travel certificate.

Our tests meet the Swedish Public Health Agency’s safety requirements and are analyzed at one of Sweden’s top laboratories. Due to the corona pandemic and the continuous cases of covid-19 infections, a number of countries now requires you to produce a negative PCR test upon entry.

Antibodies test

If you prefer to take an antibody test (which only reveals the presens of antibodies) it takes about 10 minutes to produce a result.

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For businesses

Are you interested in regularly testing multiple people? Contact us at mottagning@vardkuriren.se.


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What is an antibody test?
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